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Jamey Marler

Jamey Marler Tattoo

Known around Tulsa for his colorful graffiti murals, Jamey Marler specializes in traditional and Americana tattoo styles.

Jamey Marler Soul Style Tattoo

How It All Started


In the early 90’s, Jamey “Jaspyr” Marler began traveling the country as a street artist. Painting graffiti murals all throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. While in Texas he attended one of the most prestigious art institutes in the area. He continued to paint murals for local businesses in the Texas area over the next decade.

In 2005 after coming back to Oklahoma, Jamey began his tattoo apprenticeship under another local artist. At the time, tattooing was still illegal in Oklahoma. This caused Jamey to not only network with other artists, but opened opportunities to work at several shops. This cultivated his knowledge of several different tattoo styles including Traditional, Americana, New School, Photo Realism, Japanese, and more.

Remember The Tattoo Gods

Following basic principles of tattooing has guided Jamey Marler tattoo styles throughout his career. Creating bold pieces of art that last for years and years and years. Having a passion for art keeps it from ever being work. “You get make art all day and listen to whatever music you want. Does it get any better?”

Coming Into The Now

Soul Style was actually purchased in 2013. It began as Electric Eye, owned by fellow artist Eric Poland. The transistion of ownership while maintaining these two artists under the same roof created the most dynamic tattooing team found anywhere in Oklahoma. To this day you can still see the graffiti murals on the side of the building constantly changing. An absolute site to see in Tulsa, Soul Style Tattoo has become a staple in the art industry. 

Jaspyr Marler

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