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Logan Rogers

Logan Rogers Tattoo

The newest member of Soul Style. Combining street art designs with modern tattoo techniques to give you the most exclusive tattoo composition you will find anywhere in Tulsa. 

Logan Rogers Tattoo

It All Started With A Can Of Paint

At 22 years old, Logan Rogers hails from Tulsa. Starting as a street artist in 2015, he began making his mark all over town creating bold and bright colored murals. Inspired by clean bold outlines and blending colors, he naturally fell in love with American traditional styles of tattoo work. Befriending Jamey Marler and collaborating to come up with new mural designs, he was invited to begin his apprenticeship at Soul Style Tattoo in May of 2020. “The Kid” was a natural. Picking up techniques quickly and able to fall into his own style allowed him to develop inventive creations inspired by his street art. 

These new designs from fresh young eyes have started garnering a lot of attention from tattoo enthusiasts. Clients very much enjoy what he can bring to the table in helping them get a unique piece entirely inspired by themselves. There is no doubt that if you have an idea in mind, Logan Rogers tattoo designs and techniques can help you accomplish it. There is nothing that cannot be created when you have the drive an design skills that Logan has,  

The Modern Age

With a younger generation of tattoo artist comes new ways of designing pieces. While hand drawn and designed tattoos are still very much alive and kicking, and will be forever, utilizing new tools opens doors to new possibilities. Creating custom tattoo designs using Procreate and Photoshop allows the client to see their entire piece in full color and shading as it will look on their skin. The endless possibilities available now give Logan an edge not seen in many Tulsa tattoo studios. You truly get a unique and individual tattoo that you cannot get in any other shop.

Having a head start on this method of design means that Logan’s work only gets more creative the longer he does it. It is easy to see how and why he stays as booked up as he does. To get your custom tattoo design by Logan Rogers, book with him today! Send him a message or call or stop by Soul Style Tattoo during regular business hours to schedule your appointment now.


Logan Rogers tattoo
Logan Rogers Tattoo

The rising tattoo artist

It is no surprise that Logan Rogers tattoos are taking Tulsa by storm. His dedication to learning and perfecting his craft is unmatched in other artists. Favoring a neo-traditional tattoo style, Logan is booking appointments quickly. Providing a casual and comfortable environment for all of his tattoo clients, Logan is becoing sought after for his unique style and fun experience. This is desireable amoung clients of all kinds. Logan is taking your ideas and turning them into permanent works of art to adorn yourself with. From the time you walk in the door for a consult, until the piece is complete, Logan is creating art you’ll love at the best tattoo shop in Tulsa. 

Admiring and passionate about his profession, Logan looks forward to creating art for many years to come. You can book with him now, exclusively at Soul Style Tattoo in Tulsa. 

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